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A girl from this hard-core and cold place called Finland. I particularly love: singing, dancing, hugs, sarcasm, saoirse ronan, puns, psychology, beer, fish, beautiful people, tea, thought-provoking movies, books of all sorts, tattoos, traveling, loud music, summer, long walks, watching new series, all sensitive stuff, cities, long conversations, realistic art, helping people.
I also play some instruments and draw and write a little.
I blog about absolutely everything.

Saoirse Ronan’s accents in different movies

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so all of my best friends who i love more than anything went clubbing last night but my boyfriend was tired and he hates dancing (not cool man) and also he always feels like i choose my friends over him all the time so i didn’t want to be mean again so we left the party early (once again) and didn’t go dancing with them. so at the end of the day we just had a massive cry-fest by the lake in the dark with my boyfriend and ducks at 2 am.